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"Should be killed..."

The 1994 Jack issues of the Pioneer, the “Piobeer,” featured an article entitled “Faggots should be killed, says Coalition,” and a joke letter from the “Coalition Against the Fust Amendment.” The inflammatory and homophobic nature of this…

Nuremburg Chronicle

Penrose Library also has a number of rare books, including this copy the title-less work usually known in English as the Nuremburg Chroncile, but also called the Liber Chronicarum. Published in 1493, the Chronicle is an incunable, or a book…

A Panel Discussion

whitman panel.jpg
“Is homosexuality a natural tendency that our society represses?; will there eventually be a totally bisexual society?; is homosexuality a behavior pathology?” These were just some of the questions that the February 13, 1978 panel discussion on…

Allen Reading Room

The Allen Reading Room, named in recognition of a gift from the Paul G. Allen Charitable Foundation, is a strictly-enforced quiet study area in the library. It was built as part of the library remodeling in 2000, which moved the main entrance towards…

An End to Dragfest?

“Dragfest, despite its appeal to our sentiment (as opposed to our rationality), has been unable to generate critical significance, and while it has become one of the marked events of Whitman’s social landscape, it seems incapable of getting a…

An Inclusive Whitman

In 2010, Dean of Students Chuck Cleveland introduced a proposal that attempted to make Whitman more trans inclusive. In order to meet student needs, Cleveland asked for advice from both GLBTQ and Coalition Against Homophobia as to how Whitman can…

Arley Jonish

Arley Jonish 1966-.tif
Arley Jonish was the college librarian from 1966-1989. He oversaw many changes to the library, including the addition of the Stuart Wing in 1974.

Arminda Fix

Arminda Fix 1908.jpg
Arminda Fix was the first librarian at Whitman serving from 1899-1916. A Walla Walla native, Fix attended Whitman Academy then Whitman College, graduating in 1899. She subsequently attended library school in New York and studied at Columbia…

ASWC Funding

“GLA’s membership hovers around 30, with a core group of 12 dedicated members, both students and faculty. We represent all gay and lesbian students (Whitman’s largest minority group, between 60-100) people and our activities are aimed at…


Babel from the Nuremberg Chronicle.jpg
A page from the Nuremburg Chronicle depicting the tower of Babel.
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