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Made possible by the Larry Beaulaurier Endowment.

Larry Beaulaurier served as vice president for financial development at Whitman for many years, retiring in 1995.  His efforts raised significant amounts of endowment funds for the college and also cultivated an interest in collecting and sharing the stories of some of the lesser known benefactors of the college.  We are grateful for his support. 

This publication was made, in his words, “to contribute to the understanding and appreciation for the notable characters, donors and events relating to the formation and structures of Whitman College which give it its special flavor.”

All information, photographs, and quotations were found in the Whitman College and Northwest Archives.

Special thanks to Larry Beaulaurier and to everyone who, in small and large ways, has shaped the history of Whitman College.

For further information, please contact the Whitman College Archives.



Original Publication