Grace Phillips

February 9, 1893 - February 18, 1980

            Though she only attended Whitman from 1909 to 1910, Grace Phillips sustained a strong interest in the college.  She inherited this interest from her father and through their family friend, Dr. Stephen Penrose.  She completed her bachelor’s degree at Wellesley College, and earned an MA from the Columbia New York School of Social Work.  

            Originally from western Washington, Grace Phillips established two Whitman student scholarships—the Edward L. Farnsworth Scholarship for a student from Wilbur, WA or Lincoln County, and the Andrew J. Phillips Scholarship for a student from Olympia, WA, named for her father and late husband, respectively. 

            Throughout her lifetime, Phillips was a proponent of the arts and a supporter of her Episcopal Diocese.  She attended many Whitman commencements and events and spent decades tirelessly recruiting and encouraging high school students to attend Whitman.  She was a college overseer from 1955 through 1966 and remained an honorary overseer until her death in 1980.

            During her lifetime, Grace Phillips gave approximately $1.3 million to the college.  She was a donor to the Louis B. Perry Student Art Awards Fund, gave $30,000 for a swim timer and scoreboard system for the Farnsworth Pool, and contributed almost half a million dollars to support faculty salaries.

            Her generosity and enduring commitment to Whitman College not only strengthened opportunities for positive classroom engagement but also equally vital extracurricular experiences.


Grace Phillips