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Students move books new library1 copy.jpg
Students wait to deliver their books during the 1957 move into Penrose Library.

Another view of the great book relay of 1957,

This excerpt from the 1943course catalog describes how the library had moved into Reynolds Hall, and lists a number of generous donors who helped greatly improve the size of the collection.

A few images from the original Whitman College library catalog, you might said the great-great-grandfather of today's Watson. Shown here are the cover and first 15 volumes listed in the collection, some of which were donated by Myron Eells.

This excerpt from the 1920 course catalog details how the library had frown to occupy almost an entire floor of the Memorial Building and held nearly 50,000 bound volumes and pamphlets.

An excerpt from the 1894 course catalog detailing the library's holdings.

This excerpt from the Whitman's first course catalog from 1882 describes the library's holdings in its early years.

WC Reynolds Library Annex.jpg
Reynolds Hall, which housed the library collections until the construction of Penrose, was structurally damaged by the weight of the books. To solve this problem, the college built an annex attached to the west side of Reynolds. While it solved an…

WC Penrose Memorial Library ca 1957.tif
A view of Penrose from the northwest.

WC Penrose Library 2007.jpg
A modern view of Penrose Library.
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