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“Among the minorities in the cultural mix, ours is unique. We have found that we can ‘pass’ as part of the larger world around us,” wrote Douglas Titus to President David Maxwell. “We believe that, given our common foundation built during early years together at Whitman and our own experiences in surviving, we can provide illumination and information to those who come after us in the Whitman family.” Approximately 80 Whitman College graduates founded the Gay and Lesbian Alumni association in Seattle in 1991. The group actively followed and participated in the emerging GLB community at Whitman College by interviewing current students, printing letters from Whitman’s GLA, and sharing their own personal stories. For example, in the second issue of the GALA newsletter, Vincent Theel shared his story of falling in love with his Junior year roommate and the ensuing 16 year relationship that they shared. Personal stories like this are scattered throughout the GALA newsletter and helped to link contemporary students to their forbearers.


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