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In 2010, LikeALittle became a huge fad amongst Whitman students. The website allowed for anonymous posts. Eventually, Whitman Encounters became to major message board for Whitman students, but unlike Whitman Encounters, LikeALittle mostly contained light-hearted, confessions of love, or rather, like. A usual post might read something like “Red haired boy, I like the way you read that politics book, brown haired girl.” However, LikeALittle was superseded by Whitman Encounters in February of 2012. This new site was initially “designed to give us the security to be bold, take risks, and be imaginative with our words.” And for a time it served this purpose, especially for the Q(uestioning) of GLBTQ. Whitman Encounters served as a venue where students could voice their concerns about their sexuality, gender, or look for romantic encounters in order to experiment with their sexuality. Unfortunately, anonymity apparently breeds divisiveness and Whitman Encounters quickly became the venue for racist comments. The site has largely been abandoned by the student body in light of controversy surrounding this racism—and the direction of this racism at specific students.


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