Transgender Rights

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By the early 2000’s, Whitman College had become a relatively accepting place for GLB students. An atmosphere of toleration and acceptance—which began in the late 80’s and early 90’s—had developed on campus. While the campus the culture around GLB issues is certainly still in need of critique the progress that the campus has made from the early 60’s is impressive. However, many minority groups are still underrepresented and under-discussed on campus. A major one of these groups is the transgender community. The first major event in the discussion of transgender issues at Whitman occurred in 2009. The fifth annual Matthew Shepard lecture that year featured a lecture entitled “Beyond Equality.” Dean Spade’s lecture served to highlight the continued discrimination against GLBT individuals, and he gave special emphasis to trans issues. Specifically, Spade discussed his founding of the Sylvia Rivera Law Project which provides legal assistance to the trans community.


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