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Benjamin Lake Quadrangle
7.5 Minute Series (Topographic)

Did you know that “The New American Woman, equipped with spurs and whimpering husband, made her destructive but unchosen blow with the rise of technology and the Second World War”? Well, an opinion piece in the Pioneer on November 21, 1963 claimed…

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This classic guitar is from the 1930s or 40s, around the time when Robert Johnson was creating his music. This style of guitar was used by blues musicians during the early 1900s.

The play Butley was performed at Harper Joy Theatre in 1977. Butley features three main characters caught in a love triangle of sorts. Butley, the title character, carries on an affair with his male coworker, and in the course of a day is deserted by…

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Chess and Checker Records were popular blues labels in the 1950s and 60s. Based out of Chicago, they were started by brothers Leonard and Phil Chess. Checker Records, a subsidiary of Chess Records, mostly released work by African American…

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A student conducts business at the circulation desk, which in 1984 was located on what is now the first floor of Penrose Library. The desk was in the northeast corner of the building. Notice the pillar near the "Book Return" sign that leads to an…

College Hall was the main campus building in the early years of the college, and included a library room, which housed the collections until the Memorial Building was erected in 1899.

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A series of interviews with Alexie, ranging from 1993 to 2007, about the ideas and themes within his work,published in 2009 (front cover image).Penrose Catalog: PS3551.L35774 Z46 2009Find through Summit

Dalia Corkrum is the current Director Penrose Library. She began in that position in 2005.
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