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A few images from the original Whitman College library catalog, you might said the great-great-grandfather of today's Watson. Shown here are the cover and first 15 volumes listed in the collection, some of which were donated by Myron Eells.

On April 15 and 16, 1966, the Harper Joy Theatre One-Acts were set “to jolt captive audience.” The cause of the jolt was the performance of two, student directed One-act plays that featured “Homosexuals and low-class working men.” The homosexuals in…

This excerpt from the 1943course catalog describes how the library had moved into Reynolds Hall, and lists a number of generous donors who helped greatly improve the size of the collection.

Robert Johnson.jpg
Robert Johnson died in 1938, though the cause of death has been disputed. Some accounts say he was poisoned, others say that he survived the poisoning but contracted pneumonia soon after. Images from the book "Robert Johnson: Lost and Found" by Barry…

David Nord.jpg
In a December 4, 1996 letter to David Nord, Chuck Cleveland emphasized that despite all the recent leaps in Whitman’s social environment, there was much more to do. Cleveland’s letter mentioned that “Each year we get a new class of students who need…

The Business of Fancydancing.jpg
(Front cover image). This is Alexie's first book - a collection of stories and poems published in 1992. In 2002, Alexie wrote and directed a film of the same name.Penrose Catalog: PS3551.L35774 B87 1992Find through Summit

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian.jpg
Alexie’s semi-autobiographical novel, written in 2007. Like the main character of the book, Alexie grew up on the Spokane Reservation, was born with hydrocephalus, and attended high school in Reardan, outside of the reservation. (Image of page 43)…

Students move books new library1 copy.jpg
Students wait to deliver their books during the 1957 move into Penrose Library.

Another view of the great book relay of 1957,

WC Library Stuart Wing ca 1974.jpg
A view of the Elbridge Hadley Stuart Suart Wing from the southeast. This was the main entrance to the library, which was located approximately at the foot of the main straircase in the library, near the entrance to what is now the cafe. The In 1971,…
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