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Ten poems written by Sherman Alexie, published in 2005. "Dangerous Astronomy is letterpress printed in a limited edition of 850 copies ... One hundred copies have been bound in cloth and boards and numbered and signed by the poet"--Colophon.Find…

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Short stories and poems published in 2009 by Sherman Alexie (front cover image).Penrose Catalog: PS3551.L35774 F33 2009Find through Summit

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Stories and poems published in 1993 by Sherman Alexie (front cover image).Penrose Catalog: PS3551.L35774 F5 1993Find through Summit

The novel Flight was published in 2007. It follows the story of an orphan boy who travels through time in search of his identity (front cover image). Penrose Catalog: PS3551.L35774 F57 2007Find through Summit

On February 24, 2013, the Associated Students of Whitman College adopted a resolution calling for gender-neutral housing. The resolution called for Whitman’s administration to provide a gender-neutral housing option for incoming first year students.…

Henry Yaple was college librarian from 1988-2005 He is seen here holdings a $1200 reference book, which is ???

The first time the Pioneer mentioned issues of homosexuality without an added caveat or disclaimer was on February 23, 1967. The article in question described Ingmar Bergman’s “The Silence,” a film that has a lesbian as one of the three central…

“I do think the Honorary Degree Committee knew that it was making a controversial decision with the Hayner nomination, but I suspect many did not know how controversial,” stated President David Maxwell in his defense of the nomination of Jeanette…

In 1997, Kate Bornstein performed her play “Cut ‘n’ Paste” for the Whitman community. The play is a mix of monologues, slam poetry, and lecture that is meant to question audience assumptions about gender. Bornstein—though having undergone surgery to…
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